Welcome to WarpWorld

Powerful Earthblood magic flows within the veins of this beautiful and fertile world. Long ago mages, hungry for power, caused a devastating accident that warped the flowing power to this day.

Their ancient power is near-legendary.  Now, only a select few know its secrets and risk the Warping energies of the twisted magic if they dare to touch it.

Most of the many peoples inhabiting the continent they call ‘Home Isle’ content themselves with the milder, safer Elemental and Spirit magics.

They protect themselves from the deadly ripples of the Warp.

Or take advantage of them when the Warp turns in their favour, for not all changes are disasters.

Some races have been shaped deeply by the Warp, for good or ill.

Some have avoided its touch as best they can.

The best of the stories start in the city of Mapesad where the whole world comes to trade.

  • Where merchants, miners and mages meet pirates, sea-elves and forest-dwelling nomads.
  • Where the bones of a long-dead dragon may hold secrets no one wants to learn.

Welcome to WarpWorld.