Meet Our Authors

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Welcome To WarpWorld

A collaborative world created by 4 authors. 

We met on Holly Lisle writing classes, where you can get a free class: How To Write Flash Fiction That Doesn’t Suck. Holly has many more classes at a variety of prices. Without Holly and the Forum, this world wouldn’t exist.

We split all the world development and design. Creating a world of depth and breadth we couldn’t have without all 4 of us.

CT Bridges

I’m one of the 4 authors who met on Holly Lisle’s Writing Classes and forum.

We decided it would be fun to create a world together. Unlike many of the co-writing groups out there, we aren’t writing the same books, just building the world.


NM Henderson

I’m the madcap author whose chance comment on the forums started this incredible adventure.

Like my partners in WarpWorld, I love worldbuilding and writing, but my specialty is logic, structure, and culture. I provide what you might call ‘world physics’.


S. S. Prince

I am another of the four authors who met on Holly Lisle’s Writing Classes and forum. 

Because storytelling is engrained deep in my soul, I have been writing stories and creating worlds ever since I was a kid.  

Fantasy, Sci-Fi and Urban Fantasy are my usual haunts, but I enjoy reading a wide variety of genres. 

It has been a lot of fun working with the ladies and creating Warp World.  I have learned a lot from them and I am passionately inspired by this world we have only started developing.

Music and art are also my passions. Because of this, the maps and some of the artwork for Warp World have been fun to create.

One of the areas I have learned a lot about through this process is culture building. As a result of this process, I have developed the Ebutru human tribes (the Neapraco, the Ocebur, and the Ezauarvet) as well as the Inthi. 

I dream big, but the ladies help to keep me grounded.



Reetta Raitanen

I’m the resident Finn (from Finland, that is), and my own culture shows in the forest people, Väki, that I have created for our world (mainly in the language). The Väki are a mix of many things and cultures, though.

And that is exactly how I like my world building. Diverse and with many layers.

I love reading, writing and roleplaying, and I mostly read Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance and just plain Contemporary or Historical Romance. All my stories have a touch of magic, and some romance too.

Some of my favourite authors are Ilona Andews, Patricia Briggs, Seanan McGuire, Nalini Singh, Brandon Sanderson and Sarah J. Maas.