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Hi, I’m CT Bridges, Chris Bridges.

A bit of trivia, Usher, the singer, is named “Chris Bridges”. That is one of the reasons I chose to use CT Bridges.

Who am I?

I am a 40 something woman… Pushing 50 hard. I have 5 kids, all grown and mostly on their own.

I worked for 20+ years in health care, but after my second marriage, I left health care to run several businesses with my hubby. I dreamed of being a writer from the time I learned that PEOPLE wrote the books I loved to read.

Until the second marriage and indie publishing, all I did is dream.

Now is the best time in my life to try the writing gig, and I had the brilliant luck of meeting my co-writers. I do have plans to write things by myself and with Warp World Books.

Why did I start writing?

For as long as I can remember I made up stories, and sometimes, wrote them down.

With the changes in publishing and my life situation, I decided the time to live this dream is now. I found Holly Lisle and her writing classes and thought I can do this. Holly’s motto is “You Can Do This”.

The stories and the people come and you have to do something. If I don’t write it down the voices get louder and more insistent that they need to be heard and seen.

Why a Collaborative World?

Holly did a podcast on all the reasons to not be in collaboration, and we, the Accidental Collaboration Club, started talking on the forum then NM Henderson sent a message.

We took off full speed ahead.

It’s been amazing fun since we started.

The best part of a collaborative world?

The skillset that each of us brings to the table. Without all 4 of us, we wouldn’t have this elaborate world, maps, languages, and all the other parts.

NM is our logic and guiding light. She makes sure that the wild fancies we come up with have a consistent logic. We need that. You have 3 INFPs and NM, she has to work to keep us in line.

Reeta is a blast. All of my three co-writers are better at creating languages.

SS Prince is our map maker and the one I tend to bounce things with. We have similar stories we gravitate towards. Epic Fantasy. There are so many positives it’s hard to list all of them. We couldn’t plan a better mix of skills.

The best part:

We have 3 other writers to bounce ideas and help each other when we get stuck, and that’s priceless.

You also have a commitment to each other that helps keep motivation high.

The hard parts of a collaboration:

You have 3 other people who you have to build and agree with. Worldbuilding can cause you to make compromises with the story so you don’t break the world for everyone.

Some of that is good when you have pie in the sky dreamers.

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