Our Stories

Coming in January 2020

  • An anthology of short stories

CT Bridges

  • Current Work in Progress (WIP):  WarpWarriors Book 1

    A fresh shapeshifter joins an organization fighting the ancient corruption of Warp, and her dreams lead her and her companions to a legendary item that could turn the tide of war in their favour.

NM Henderson

  • Current WIPs: Saru Walks short story. To be published in the anthology in January 2020
  • Bride-out-of-Water Storyline: The majority of the Mapatinshum is not in favour of harbouring the Refugees; there is already Balance with the peoples of the City: The Mapatinshum are an Earth people; the Forest folk are Wood; the sea-folk, Water; the Miners, Metal; the Smiths, Fire. The Refugees, a farming folk, are another Earth-people, and threaten the place and standing of the 5 Element people in their own city.

    Another faction in the culture believes the influx of Earth-folk can only strengthen the balance, to anchor it firm against the Metal and Fire traders from far away. To make a statement, one prominent family chooses to take a refugee as a final member of their Periph. The new member of the subtle and indirect harmony-based culture must learn to negotiate these tricky cultural currents even while the new family comes under attack by members of the powerful ‘no refugees’ faction. Can the new marriage – and the members – survive?

Reetta Raitanen

  • Current WIP: Sophira vs Rikushurum (flying, baby stealing monsters). To be published in Fall 2020

    Half-Väki, Half-Mapatinshum Ranger escorts the refugees of Alush culture to the city of Mapesad, and seethes as she is prevented from searching their missing children. In Mapesad the children of the poorest families have also been taken, and an alarming pattern forms. The rikushurum, a threat thought long dead, are back. Can Sophira find them and stop the flying menace?

S. S. Prince

  • Current WIP: Pirate Book 1

    An Inthi Pirate Captain sails with a multicultural crew. The five officers (including the Inthi) form a Mapatinshum Periph partnership. One of these Periph members is secretly a Menosmi Agent, working for the good archmagi on a mission to help the Inthi Pirate recover ancient artefacts of power. Meanwhile, her nemesis, a man named Ronnaw Pusheb is trying to discover the whereabouts of her master’s lair. Ronnaw stalks the Inthi ship, the Æabeto, hoping to find her master’s hideout in order to report it to the evil archmagi who have been warped by the power of the Earthblood.