Book Recommendations

All four of us love the fantasy genre, and the whole gamut of speculative fiction. On this page we share the books we love the most. Because which book lover doesn’t want to add even more books to their To Be Read pile 😀


Fantasy Recs

Holly Lisle: The Secret Texts trilogy (finished + 1 prequel book), starting with The Diplomacy of Wolves. Epic fantasy. The magic of this world resembles the WarpWorld a bit. There are shapeshifters, twisting magic and magic scarred regions in both worlds.

Holly Lisle: Talyn & Hawkspar. Epic fantasy and the going gets quite grim before things look up.

Terry Pratchett: Discworld series. The undisputed master of humorous fantasy.

Brandon Sanderson: The Mistborn trilogy (finished), starting with The Final Empire. Dystopian epic fantasy with really unique magic system, the trademark of Sanderson.

David Eddings: The Belgariad & Malloreon series (whopping 10 books in total + 3 extras). Classical fantasy with a farm boy becoming the Chosen One.

David Eddings: The Elenium & Tamuli series (6 books in total). This is like the Belgariad and Malloreon grown up. There are many similar tropes and character types but the writing is even better.

Anne McCaffrey: Dragonriders of Pern series, starting with Dragonflight. Because who doesn’t love dragons.

Jacqueline Carey: Kushiel’s Dart (finished trilogy). Epic Fantasy and BDSM, the main character is a masochistic courtesan and spy. This is a truly unique series.

Robert Jordan & Brandon Sanderson: The Wheel of Time series (14 book fantasy epic, finished series). One of the most beloved fantasy series of all times. It can be slow and frustrating at places but the last books more than make up for it. This series has the most epic final battles ever. There is also a TV series coming out from Amazon in 2020.


Urban Fantasy Recs

Ilona Andews: Kate Daniels series. Post-Apocalyptic Atlanta is home to all kind of strange critters like shapeshifters, mages and mindless vampires driven by necromantic business men. And Kate Daniels, a kickass mercenary with some serious daddy issues. Finished series with 10 awesome books out. First book: Magic Bites

Ilona Andews: Innkeeper Chronicles. Welcome to the galactic bed & breakfast in Texas that welcomes space aliens and werewolves, and houses a galactic mass murderer. Awesome, and really unique series. 3 books + spin off book. First book: Clean Sweep

Ilona Andews: Hidden Legacy series. Modern day magical dynasties control the world, and as PI Nevada Baylor is pulled in to their machinations, she is discovering her own truthseeking abilities. HOT romance but slow burn. Finished trilogy, with a new trilogy starting. First book: Burn For Me

Ilona Andrews: The Edge series. Romantic Urban Fantasy where the real world meets the magical Weird, and people of both worlds live in the Edge. 4 books out, finished series, each book stands alone. First book: On the Edge.

Patricia Briggs: Mercy Thompson series & Alpha and Omega series. Shapeshifting coyote, werewolves, faeries, vampires, witches. All the most beloved Urban Fantasy tropes done oh so right, and delicious romance, with slower burn for Mercy.

Seanan McGuire: October Daye series. Half-fae detective’s magnificent adventures in the faerie courts. Faeries done right. 13 books out so far, first book: Rosemary and Rue

Seanan McGuire: InCryptid series. The Price family of cryptozoologists protects the critters of the world from the homicidal Covenant of St. George. 8 awesome books out so far. First book: Discount Armageddon

Seanan McGuire: The Wayward Children series. What if you found your wardrobe portal to Narnia, or fell into the Rabbit hole to the Wonderland…. and then had to return back to the real world when you wanted to stay forever. Eleanor West’s school for Wayward Children exists to help those children adjust back to normal life. (5 books out so far, first book: Every Heart a Doorway)

Jim Butcher: The Dresden Files series. PI Wizard Harry Dresden solves your problems and gets himself in deeper shit with the various creatures that go bump in the night, like vampires, demons and faeries. (15 books out so far and the excellent series continues, first book: Storm Front)

Faith Hunter: Jane Yellowrock series. Kickass vampire hunter of Cherokee descent shares the soul of a puma (13 books out so far, first book Skinwalker)

JC Nelson: Grimm Agency trilogy (finished), first book: Free Agent. Charlie’s Angels meets Brother Grimm stories. Marissa works for a Fairy Godfather who operates from his magical mirror, and her job is to stop dark fairytale monsters from wreaking havoc on our world. There is also a prophecy of a dark witch returning.


Paranormal Romance Recs

Nalini Singh: Psy-Changeling series. Hot romance between shapeshifters and psychics in a futuristic setting. The first books of the series stand alone but later on a story arc emerges, and it can be a bit difficult to understand what is going on without reading the previous ones. Reetta’s favourite books: Heart of Obsidian & Kiss of Snow (book 10). First book: Slave to Sensation.

Nalini Singh: Archangel series. Archangels rule the world and they are served by vampires. Occasionally vampires break their contracts and try to run off. That’s when vampire hunters like Elena come in. She gets tangled with Archangel Raphael and the two begin a tumultous romance. There are books focusing on other angels’ and vampires’ romances, and those can be read alone, but there is also a big story arc so this is very much a sequential series.

Kresley Cole: Immortals After Dark Series. Hot romances. New couple of various supernatural races in every book but some old favourites pop in. Reetta’s favourite book: Lothaire, a delicious redemption of a series villain.

Kresley Cole: Arcana Chronicles. YA Post-Apocalyptic series with a delicious love triangle. 13 youngsters, who each represent the Major Arcana of Tarot, have to survive in a cruel world, and fight each others until only one of them remains. 6 books out of 7 out so far. First book: Poison Princess