July 2019 Storytime Blog Hop

Storytime Blog Hop

Story Time Blog Hop

Once again it’s time for a fun adventure. Enjoy my story below, then follow the links to other stories of participating authors in the blog hop.  Leave us comments.  We love hearing from you!

A Melody in A Grotto by SS Prince

A WarpWorldBooks Flash Fiction

“You have led me this far, Gusair.” Ronnaw Pusheb thought to himself.  “Now lead me to the Orb.”

He had followed the woman in the green dress all the way from the city of Mapesad to the north.  He watched her as she disappeared into the sea-side cavern she had just recently discovered.  Ronnow gave her a few minutes lead and then made his way down to the cavern entrance.  He waded through the tidal pool, following the scent of jasmine; Gusair’s favourite perfume.  His eyes adjusted to the dark, yet he could see the light from her torch deeper in the cavern.  He slowed at the entrance of a larger cave where he saw her standing on a small rocky beach to his left.

Gusair had stuck her torch into the sand, allowing it to light the cavern like a lamp.  She was reaching into her leather bag that always hung at her side, withdrawing a vial of blue liquid.  The healer uncorked the stopper and then drank the potion before returning the vial to her bag.  Gusair then took the bag off her shoulder and leaned it gently in the sand against the cavern wall, away from the water’s edge.

Ronnaw watched with a secret fascination as Gusair pulled her green dress up, over her head – revealing her naked body to his eyes.  He was struck once again by her beauty.  Her nakedness only added to her natural voluptuousness.  Gently, she folded the dress and laid it next to her bag before the naked woman began to walk toward the water’s edge.

Suddenly remembering his mission, Ronnaw shook his head then pulled out a reed flute from his inside jacket pocket.  Putting it expertly to his lips, he played a nine note Neapraco melody that activated the flute’s magic.  He watched as Gusair sat down in the shallows and then curled up to sleep.  Ronnaw rushed to her side and tenderly pulled her back onto the beach.  He opened her leather bag and found a second vial of blue liquid.  It was marked with the word Sethruet, or “Water-Lung” in Mapatinsh.  Uncorking the vial, he drank the potion.  It tasted of sea-weed and lemons with a bitter aftertaste.  He replaced the vial in Gusair’s bag and then began to wade, fully clothed, into the water.  He came to a drop off and dove deep underwater, marveling at the effectiveness of Gusair’s potion.  After some searching, he located the underwater tunnel that led to the grotto of the orb.

Ronnaw’s head popped up out of the water in the grotto.  He looked around the small cavern as he begun to tread water.  The cavern was illuminated by a blue light emanating from the Orb.  The Orb itself sat on an obsidian stone on a small beach not far from where he surfaced.  The stone was a nine inch wide sapphire carved into the likeness of a closed clamshell.

Suddenly, something large wrapped around his mid-section.  Panicking, he looked down to see a giant tentacle tightening its grip around his body.  Ronnaw realized with dismay that he was unable to get his hand on his saber hilt.  An idea sprang into his head just as the tentacle dragged him down into the water with amazing speed.  His direction suddenly reversed and he was swiftly driven to the surface by the massive tentacle.  Ronnaw broke the surface of the water with a huge splash.  He was winded and terrified.  What was worse, he found himself face to face with a monstrous kraken.  Seizing the sudden opportunity, Ronnaw reached into his coat pocket and retrieved the magic flute.  Before he could bring it to his lips. he was driven back into the water.  The impact of breaking the surface sent the flute from his hand.  Ronnaw’s hope was dashed as he was dragged deeper into the water.  The direction changed again and he broke the surface with a rush.  Again, he found himself face to face with the kraken.  Slowly, the tentacle began to coil, bringing Ronnaw closer to the monster’s maw.

That was when the sound of the flute reverberated through the grotto.  He heard the nine notes of that Neapraco melody before succumbing to the magical sleep.


Gusair was sitting, naked, next to him.  Rommaw’s chest was bare and she was gently rubbing it.  He felt a tingling sensation course through his mid-section.  Was he dreaming?

“Where are we?” He asked.

At the sound of his voice, Gusair recoiled as if she were touching a snake.  “I healed your wounds.” She told him tersely as her arms covered her bare breasts.  “You need not thank me.  I was simply performing my duty as a healer.”

“This is not a dream then.”

“A nightmare is more like it.” She shot back.  “You’re just lucky that a side effect of the Sethruet is that it shortens an individual’s sleep time.”

“You saved me from the kraken using my flute!” Ronnaw deduced.  “How did you know what notes to play?”

She gave him a cold look that then softened a little.  “I have always been able to play instruments by ear.”

“But why?  We’re sworn enemies!”

Gusair did not reply.  She stood up, covering herself as best she could with her arms.  “The Orb is yours.  It is of no use to my master.”  She entered the water, diving and then disappeared into the depths.  He was left on the beach confused and alone.

Knowing that the kraken would not stay sleeping very long, Ronnaw quickly pulled on his shirt and coat, grabbed the Orb and dove into the water, heading for the cavern opening so he could bring the Orb to his mistress.

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