Earthblood – The Ancient Power


In the ancient days when the races of the world were young, it is said that Paracoa Creet discovered the first Earthnode – a place he called Astiapta.

Over many years, Paracoa Creet learned to harness the amazing power of the Earthnode – a power he dubbed Earthblood: the very power of the earth manifested in pure energy.

He discovered that the Earthblood flowed out from the Earthnode along a predetermined path. He dubbed these paths Ley Lines.

Researchers have since discovered an intricate power system where Earthblood erupts like a fountain at an Earthnode and then flows along the Ley Lines to regions that are weak in Earthblood. These regions are known as Earthhallows.

It is theorized that the Earthblood then flows back underground from an Earthhallow to an Earthnode, creating a complete energy circuit.

Paracoa Creet’s Legacy

Since the time of Paracoa Creet, various Wizards and Archmagi have further delved into the secrets of the Earthblood. At some time, they banded together with the goal of pooling their collective knowledge and keeping it safe from the eyes of mundane society.

This secret society of Wizards call themselves the Menosmi (“The Keepers”) and have worked as a shadow force throughout the history of the world. Each works independently on his or her own projects and researches but report to one of the members of the Council Of Seven that rules over the coven.

The Councilors are charged with the duty of sharing this information with all the members & for setting group policy. Each Councilor only knows the members that report to them so no one person knows every member of the organization.

Total numbers are small, perhaps fifty full members at most. However, each member employs a number of agents that help them in their researches and helps them keep tabs on the various nations and factions of the world.

Indeed, one of the goals of the coven is to keep the knowledge of the Earthblood from the profane hands of common people.

Arcane Magic

Arcane magic is the power derived from the Earthblood, innate magical energy that is part of the natural energy balance of Warp World (akin to magnetism and gravity).

There exist two forms of Arcane energy.

Earthblood – the positive magical force that powers Earthnodes and Earthwells that flows through the Leylines.

The second form is called Warp Energy, or simply “The Warp.”

Warp Energy is a corrupting force that mutates creatures and beings as well as inanimate objects. It is chaotic energy that twists everything that it comes into contact with.

The origins of the Warp are unknown. However, its power was first encountered during a massive explosion of Earthblood that happened about six thousand years before the founding of Mapesad.

A group of powerful Archmagi had come together to perform a powerful ritual, hoping to expand the power they were able to draw from an Earthnode.

However, the Ritual was corrupted and ended with a massive explosion of corrupted Earthblood that would go on to warp those Archmagi who survived the explosion as well as many people and creatures living in the surrounding area.

Ever since this initial explosion of Warped Energy, a coven of warped archmagi known as the Xishevi has tried to harness and expand the power of the Warp.

Secret Orders

Working in the shadows and quietly influencing people, politics, and events across Warp World, two secret societies struggle to understand and control the powers of the Earthblood and the Warp.

The Menosmi:

A loose collection of archmagi working to reduce the influence of Warp Energy across the globe; while studying and using the Earthblood to help maintain the balance between chaos and hope.

The Xishevi:

Ambitious and twisted archmagi who want to control the powers of the Earthblood and the Warp in order to control the world.

Both organizations do not want to call attention to their activities, however recent political developments, as well as new Warp Events,  have forced members of both organizations to take a more active role in the day to day lives of the average people of Warp World.