The Inthi – Warp World’s Philosophical Carnivores


The race known as the Inthi have lived along the coast to the south-west of Mapesad for millennia. It is theorized by scholars that this is the region in which they have always lived.

The Inthi, have never shared much of their own history with other cultures. As such, there is very little known about them before they first began trading with the various cultures that live in the region surrounding Mapesad.

They have, however, traded goods and raw materials with many of the human tribes in the region. Their biggest imports are wine, spices and metals.

Philosophy And Culture

The Inthi are a race of philosophers and diplomats. They have a cultural aversion to aggression and settle all disputes and conflicts through diplomacy.

They have developed a type of martial art that focuses on disarming and subduing attackers in order to defend themselves. However, they are fascinated by the aggression and violence displayed by other races and often study conflicts from the sidelines in order to enrich their understanding of the world.

In the end, that is what every Inthi wants: to understand the world and their place in it.

Cutlturally, Inthi are somewhat unique. There are no family structures within their society.

Once per year, a list of eligible citizens is published. The citizens on this list then participate in the grand mating festival called the Ælixchavæ Festival. This festival happens every spring around the time of the equinox.

Children born from these unions are then raised by midwives and teachers in a complex educational system while the biological parents return to their normal lives having no attachment to their offspring.

When Inthi reach adulthood, they take up a profession determined by their skills, talents and aptitudes. They will apprentice under a mentor until they are aged 25. This is the age when they are recognized as a full adult and can begin their own life’s work for the betterment of Inthi society as a whole.


The state of Inthieto uses a system of government that closely resembles the system described by Plato in his famous work The Republic.

There are three castes in Inthi society: Providers; Protectors and Philosophers.

Providers are the merchants, tradespeople and hunters. They hunt, craft and trade for all the goods required by Inthi society.

The Protector caste police Inthi society, prosecuting criminals and deviants who espouse dangerous philosophies or divisive ideaologies.

Members of the Philosopher’s Caste spend their time researching new ideas and debating with their peers. Each philosopher gets selected once a year to serve for three months as part of the Inthi Grand Assembly.  This is the body where policies are set for the entire nation.


The Inthi are one of the most technologically advanced races of Warp World. They have mastered the construction and use of steam engines as well as intricate gears in order to create all manner of wondrous machines. Clocks are very common as are complex machines for transportation and manufacturing.

Inthi goods are able to be massed produced because of the use of technology.


Inthi physiology is humanoid in its form. They have brown skin, dark aqua-marine coloured hair and silver or gray eyes.

They are able to see in the inferred spectrum of light which gives them an excellent night vision ability.

The Inthi are carnivores and possess a distinct set of fangs that descend from their top row of teeth. This gives them a somewhat ferocious appearance, though they are truly a very gentle species.

Due to their carnivorous diet, they never developed agriculture. However, many of the Provider Caste are ranchers. This has led them to trade clocks and simple machines with other races for spices and wine to improve the taste of their food.

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