Tusumi, Sea-Elves

Tusumi , Sea-Elves of Warp World

On Warp World both land and sea are inhabited.

They harvest the jewels of the seas while caring for the ocean.

The capital of Tusumi is a beautiful Coral city that houses the Lore Masters, Magi, and Ruling body. Many of the Tusumi live or visit the capital city.

The Tusumi rule through a group of the wisest Lore Masters and Magi.

They are long-lived, live in clans that care for the children and teach needed skills.

Should a clan grow too large they can either split the clan or move members to a smaller clan where their skill set would be a better match.

You can find the Tusumi both in the sea and on the land. The Tusumi can live on land or in the sea.

They have very close ties to the city of Mapesad and are the water race of the Penta city.

Childhood-birth to early 20’s

  • During childhood, the entire clan will look after, train, and care for the children.
  • Some members are tapped to do the bulk of the childcare.
  • All members are expected to help with childcare, but some, who are better able to raise them, will have the bulk of care.
  • 18-25 it’s acceptable to experiment sexually, and expected.

Young Adults Mid 20’s – 50:

Tusumi Female
Tusumi Female
  • The ability to conceive starts around 25-30
  • They have an open & relaxed view of sexuality
  • There’s no true marriage, more contracts if the relationship is formalized.
  • It’s common for them to be tapped to have a child for the clan. They can say no, but this is seen as a great honor.
  • The child will usually be raised in communal childcare.
  • During this time period, it’s common to train with another clan if you show aptitude or interest.
  • Most loans are for a short time, 6 months to a year being most common.
  • It’s common to train under an Elder during this period.
  • Once they turn 25 they can be offered in a contract of marriage to benefit the individual and clan.
  • The contract can be with another clan or up-worlder.
  • They can say no but most don’t.
  • Adult 50’s-200
  • They can decide if they will remain with the clan.
  • This is the time that you would work with an Elder to arrange contracts for work or political matches.
  • Most political matches are for 10-20 years.
  • After that, you are considered old enough to negotiate for yourself.
  • The Elders will still give advice and help should they need it.
  • You’re expected to work and expand your knowledge and experiences during this time.

Elder 200-Death

  • At this age, they’re considered seasoned and wise in the ways of life.
  • This is the time period for learning and trying to improve the whole of the Tusumi
  • You can be assigned younger adults to shepherd into adulthood and help direct the training.
  • You make sure the contracts and alliances created are good for all involved.
  • Elders will frequently choose something to study for the rest of their life, most with the hope of becoming a Lore Master.

These are the Tusumi, sea elves of Warp World.