Welcome to Mapesad

Mapesad City of 5 Elements

The whole world comes to Mapesad if you just wait long enough, or at least, that’s what the elders say.

The city is a trade-hub built where mineral-rich mountains dabble their toes into the sea; where valuable forests and a wide river stretch down into a fertile valley; where the most sheltered deep-water port on the continent nestles in a cluster of enticing islets.

Circles of Five

The builders of the city worship five deities representing five elements, and consider the five primary cultures inhabiting the city and her immediate surroundings a mirror of the gods and their sacred five-way marriage.

With that philosophy at its root, Mapesad’s cheerful multicultural chaos is not only assured, it is celebrated and reinforced.

Everything seems to happen in multiples of five. Five-day festivals. Five types of temples, each associated with an element and a patron deity. Five native cultures and races participating in city government. Five social classes. Five members in a completed marriage.

Welcoming Doesn’t Always Mean Safe

Mapesad is a friendly city to visit, and if you’re in the market for something unusual, this is the place to start looking. If you can’t find what you’re after here, you can find someone willing to make it, bring it in, or steal it for you… for the right price.

But take care. The customs here are complex, the locals take offense quietly and they can hold grudges for generations.

With five differing sets of traditions, manners and powers, it’s all to easy to put a foot wrong. And new people are coming in every day, some of them bringing much more trouble than petty squabbles over etiquette.

Come Explore

  • Tour a Mapatinsh temple of Earth, Water, Metal, Fire, or Wood and learn about their Harmony culture.
  • Visit with the Tusumi, the Sea-Elves, living in the harbour beneath the waves, and hear the chants of the Lore-Masters.
  • Trade for gems with the Warp-shaped Neapraco.
  • Barter for the best blade you’ve ever held from an Ocabur smith, and wonder if there’s a touch of magic in his hand, or just a legacy of skill.
  • Walk the forests with a Vaki ranger and learn the ways of the wild from people who care for the woods as easily as for their own children.

These five are the tension and the balance, the chaos and the harmony, that are Mapesad. A porcelain vase on the point of a knife.


Watch your step.

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